Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where does your cooking oil go after you fried the chicken wings

Where do you put you waste cooking oil after you have made the french fries, chicken wings, the hamburger, steak, etc? What do you do with your used turkey oil from Thanksgiving day?

Do you pour the oil down the drain?

Liquid Gold Energy is a concept company at this time. I am writing an executive summary and business plan. I am seeking $75,000 to establish LGE as a waste oil collections company.

I have located and I am in discussions with a local Bio-Diesel refinery to take all my waste oil. For more information please email me:

My project has a very small carbon footprint and it keeps our rivers and lakes clean.
My concept keeps our sewer systems clean and it keeps our drains from clogging up with buildup of black slimy grease.

Joe Simiriglio Jr